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Why Promote?

You may be considering promotional products, but wonder how they can help you! Believe it or not, these tiny investments can often provide you with a better return on your investment than billboards or newspaper adverts. Promotional products can help your organization in a number of ways you may have never thought of. Here are a few ideas of how these giveaways can help promote your organization.

Getting passed along...

Getting passed along... Items like pens or pencils are tiny investments, but the reality is that they are seen on a regular basis and often passed along to people who would never have heard of you otherwise.

Daily Reminders

Daily reminders..... Some things, like desk calendars and desk clips may not ever leave the possession of the person you gave them to, but they can be seen every day by that potential customer. This is a great way to send your message on a regular basis.

Walking Billboards

Walking billboards...... Ever wonder why so many companies give away tee shirts and hats? It’s a double promotion. The person wearing your shirt or cap will think about your business when they put them on and then everyone who sees them throughout the day will be reminded of your services as well. One small tip: don’t overdo on the artwork, the less the better – they won’t get worn otherwise!

Local Goodwill

Local goodwill.... Consider giving away low-cost items at an event even in exchange for just a mention as a sponsor. This will result in potential customers getting your promotional products for future use. Overall goodwill towards you gets people thinking about how great it was of you to have provided free items at the event.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts..... If you have high-end clients, a simple tee shirt may not cut it, but a gourmet gift set or a stunning out-of-the-ordinary accessory may impress your potential client and leave a lasting impression in his or her memory.

Employee Rewards

Employee rewards.... Not all promotional products need to be used for advertising. You can also provide employee incentives and small reminders at your organisation’s parties with these items. It’s always good to remember that a happy employee is a productive employee and just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you can’t afford to reward your employees from time to time.

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